About Local Me

Local Me is a platform where locals can communicate with others in their neighbourhood and where people can find out more about a local area.

What can someone do on Local Me?

We’ve provided what we think are a useful set of tools to help people communicate within their local area.

Local Chat

Local Chat is where you can ask questions, provide answers and have a general discussion that relates to your local area. Discuss local body politics, issues that bug you, things you like or whatever else.

Local News

This is where you can read up on the local news. Or perhaps you know of an interesting story that other locals might appreciate? Become a local reporter on Local Me and post up your own news.

What's On

Keep up to date with local events such as festivals, markets and shows. If you are running event, then let others in your local neighbourhood know all about it.


The classifieds area is kind of like your local notice board. It’s where you can post about your lost cat, let others know about your garage sale or sell that stuff you never use.

Shops & Services

We want to make it easy for people in a neighbourhood to find small shops and services that they might otherwise overlook. For example, there might be a really good taylor operating somewhere in your local that you might not hear about - using Local Me you’ll be able to track down these hidden gems.

Local Opinion Polls

Want to know what the local opinion is on a certain topic? Start a poll and see what other people think. You can discuss and debate the poll too!

Where did the idea for Local Me come from?

The concept was conceived during the Christchurch earthquakes. We found there was no easy way to discover what was happening locally or share information with others in our neighbourhood.

Everyone had a million questions such as “can we drink our water?”. We wanted to be able to chat with other locals and find out if they need help and we wanted to share information we had about the situation.

We also think that it’s time people started getting to know other people in their local area - and it shouldn’t take an earthquake to bring locals together! Local Me is a tool to help foster better communication on a local scale.

Getting in touch

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.